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Care & Maintenance

The natural surface of granite tile or slab is not completely impervious to staining and so it must be protected against spills. Wipe away spills as soon as they occur and use a damp cloth to absorb it. Do not allow any moisture or spill to stand on the granite floor. Avoiding spills and preventing them are the foremost precautions you have to observe.

A smart practice is to treat natural stone floors with a sealant of some kind, ideally a silicon based impregnator. This will shield the granite from excessive moisture and will also ensure that it does not absorb stains as well. Preventing the stone’s exposure and absorption of moisture, and keeping the surface completely dry is very important to slow down your floor from wearing. Granite is a dense stone, but still remains to be porous.  More porous natural stone is more resistant staining if a sealant or a stain-guard is applied.  This makes sealing granite tile and slabs a necessity for long term success.