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The Granite Advantage
Granite tile is often a feature in a residence or a commercial building, not only because it is visually impressive, but because of the auspiciousness of having a flooring material which literally took ages to create! Formed deep in the earth, granite is the end result of tremendous heat and pressure applied over thousands of years. Granite is an igneous rock that is described as "intrusive". That is, granite is formed when liquid magma is forced between other layers of rock, where it eventually cools and forms a layer of its own. Here, it is fused with elements such as quartz, feldspar and mica among other trace elements.

The cooling process is slow, the new layer of rock being shielded by the layers above and below where the molten magma had been forced. The mineral elements which have become suspended in the cooling magma define the crystalline appearance of this unique natural stone. Due to its harsh origins and the lengthy process that suspends so many stabilizing elements within it, granite is an incredibly hard surface. This is material you can trust for durability!