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The Panda Advantage

Extremely dependable and attractive, Panda granite slabs are a product of one of the primary and state-of-the-art production sites located in a region famous for quality granite. These granite slabs are quarried, processed and supplied according to exacting international standards. Customers benefit directly from this high level of expertise and quality control while ordering granite slabs in container quantities. Panda granite slabs represent the renowned strength and hardness of granite, and the rich colors that make the perfect addition to interiors too.

Granite tiles and slabs are quarried according to the standardized methods for processing granite. It is excavated using water as a medium for cutting. Some manufacturers employ kerosene instead of water for cutting granite. The granite is later soaked in water to remove the kerosene from its surface. The kerosene remains within the granite; however it doesn’t show on the surface due to granite’s porous nature. Panda’s granite products are completely kerosene free because panda uses only water for cutting.